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Name: yuriy

Age: 16

Sex: male

Sexuality: hetero

Relationship status: have a girlfriend (very surprising, i know)

5 favorite bands/music artists: MSI, underoath, the brigade, walls of

Favorite color;why: i like green, cause of money maybe, i dont really

Favorite movie(s): kill bill, detroit rock city

Do you like Penguins? yeah, theyre not bad

Did you wet the bed when you were little? yea probably

Were you the smelly kid in the class Or the one that was too busy picking his nose to notice anything? i have bad hygiene :\

Describe your room i have a fitty cent poster, a bed thats between twin and queen (forgot what theyre called), cell phone and GBA charger, and a lamp. oh, and ceiling fan.

Tell us a joke ;) what's long, black, and smells bad? ... welfare line. sorry im not racist, just couldnt think of any others.

Would you ever leave hottfuck, call us assholes, make a loser sign, and be a bitch to the members? maybe, no, no, and only if someone else starts shit

How did you hear about Hottfuck: the ADRON

Promote us to 1 community, or one person. Who?: corporateninja

Why do you think you should be accepted, asshole: cause i promoted the community to myself. i didnt post a link, i just told my self in real life.

Post 4 or more CLEAR pics:

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