daniela (justdani) wrote in hottfuck,

New Bitch

Name: Daniela (Dani)
Age: 16
Sex: F
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single :P
5 favorite bands/music artists: blink-182, phantom planet, britney spears, taking back sunday, kylie minogue
Favorite color;why: pink! it's so happy.
Favorite movie(s): american pie (1, 2, and the wedding!)
Do you like Penguins?: uhmmmmmm i've only seen them at the zoo, but i guess they're alright.
Did you wet the bed when you were little? proabably. i don't actually remember.
Were you the smelly kid in the class Or the one that was too busy picking his nose to notice anything? i was the one raising her hand and participating! 'ew'ing at the nose-picker
Describe your room: it's a nice pale, pastel green colour. my duvet is a flowery on from Ikea with checkers on the other side, there's a stereo, pictures of my friends & blink-182
Tell us a joke ;): what did the hot dog say when it crossed the finish line?.... i'm the weiner!
Would you ever leave hottfuck, call us assholes, make a loser sign, and be a bitch to the members?: i don't think so. i don't even use the word 'asshole'

How did you hear about Hottfuck: someone invited me in a comment in my LJ
Promote us to 1 community, or one person. Who?: sexxedup- i thinkit might be dead though.
Why do you think you should be accepted, asshole: scroll down and find out, bitch.
Post 4 or more CLEAR pics:

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hey! i refered you LOL yes because your hot and your joke made me laugh hahaha <3 your and i love your name
yeah...i like your hair and your name is Dani, which is like and awesome name and shit.

stupid tbs selling out and shit touring with blink.

blink sucks. no offense to you but i went to the pop disaster tour in 8th grade with Green Day and Blink 182.

abso0fucking-lutely terrible.

but green day is and still is the best show i've been to.

+you're attractive.
- only in 2 pics.


it was blink. maybe i'm biased, maybe they got better. i still don't wanna find out.
no make it 3 pics.
plus two and minus one. doesn't majority rule? :)