attackxseaguls (attackxseaguls) wrote in hottfuck,

New Bitch

Name: Nickie
Sex: Female
Sexuality: I <3 dem boys (straight)
Relationship status: Single
5 favorite bands/music artists:
Eighteen Visions, Unearth, Zao, Tres Bien, From First To Last
Favorite color;why: I love Neon Colors, like neon green and pink because they are bright and loud and sometimes shocking like me :-0
Favorite movie(s): The Notebook made me cry it was soo cute, Old school i can never get sick of that movie, Zoolander, basically i love any Sappy love storys or Cheesey Comedys
Do you like Penguins? Yes the remind me of my friend Brandon..thats his favorite animal, I once bought him a stuffed Penguin at seaworld
Did you wet the bed when you were little? Not on a Regular Basis, one time i just remeber i was having a dream i was at my friends house and i really had to pee soo i went to the bathroom and ended up peeing the bed :-/ i was like 4... oh well what can ya do?
Were you the smelly kid in the class Or the one that was too busy picking his nose to notice anything? I was niether, I was the one pretending Crayons were lipstick
Describe your room my room is very french couture boudoir, soon to be very marilyn monroe inspired
Tell us a joke ;) What do you call an Alabama farmer with a sheep under each arm? A pimp. haha o yes i am halarious :-\
Would you ever leave hottfuck, call us assholes, make a loser sign, and be a bitch to the members? Why in the hell would i do that?
How did you hear about Hottfuck: I was just looking around on LJ
Promote us to 1 community, or one person. Who?: He_kills
Why do you think you should be accepted, asshole: Because i will promote this bitch, like a bitch
Post 4 or more CLEAR pics:
i assure you i have a top on there, its just strapless

Its a goofie pic...but its just to show u i was wearing a top hehe
Im sorry fo rthe bad quality of the photos ..they just uploaded like that :-(
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